Quilling Cards

Quilling is the art of rolling, coiling and shaping small strips of paper to create a cohesive three-dimensional design and has been practiced for centuries. Historians have been able to date the art form back to Ancient Egyptian times where crafters would use a bird’s feather (quill) as the tool to coil the paper upon. Quilling most notably made its mark throughout the Western world. During the Renaissance nuns and monks would trim gold gilded paper from books which they would then quill into decorative designs to adorn religious objects. This was used in place of working with costly gold filigree. In later years quilling grew to be a leisurely pastime of affluent women throughout Europe. Women would practice quilling to adorn household decor such as picture frames, baskets, and jewelry boxes. Quilling eventually found its way to America with the Pilgrims. Today, Quilling Card has become the premier source of preserving and sharing this beautiful art form, striving to keep it alive and flourishing.