This is not your average Cards and Gifts Shop ...


When you need that perfect card, Sincerely Yours Boutique is the place where you will likely find it.  We have over 17,000 hand-selected cards to choose from - based on our last count!  Our collection consists of unique, unusual, witty, hilarious, or sensitive cards.  You will experience emotions from laughing-out-loud hysterically; to tear-jerking lump-in-throat reflex; to heartfelt warm and fuzzy feelings.  The search is part of the experience.  We even have a "Naughty Corner" for those cards that just can't be EXPOSED!  We feature Local Artist cards, which are in high-demand.  Each card individually signed by the artist.  A gift in itself!


We carry a variety of Collections of Canadian, Hand-made jewelry from many artisans.

*Put the sparkle to your eyes with Swarovski Crystals, .925 Sterling Silver, beautiful natural gemstones; all in exquisite designs for your impeccable taste.  Keep adding to your collection and come in to see our latest designs. For every outfit and every occasion - be it formal, casual, or every day. We will help you find something

*Our own brand, stunning Italian .925 sterling silver; earrings, chains/necklaces for ladies and gents, pendants and pins; and an assortment of rings with gems, cubic zirconia, and crystal. 
​*Canadian Pewter jewelry always available for every occasion - especially for the young and young at heart!

*Beautiful one-of-a-kind large ammolite pendants hand picked and polished by a member of the Blackfoot Nation.  Statement pieces that you will proudly wear!

*Artisan jewelry by local T&C jewelry. Order special sizes and colours for your unique taste and style.

​ *​GIFTS!  

A shop with unique gift ideas that has you coming back to see what is new.  Don't wait for it to be there next time you come in - chances are it will be gone!  Our advise - Grab it when you can!  


​Our already-popular Collection of  Designer Reading Glasses has grown larger with more selections available to you!  The better to [read] you with!


Different sizes, styles, colours, dripless, scentless, chemical-less, and we are a reseller of Twilight, Abbott, Yummi, and Concord Candles!   

And our favourites ... Canadian made Soy Candles from Little Beausoleil Candle Co., and Sky Harvest. 

All our candles are carefully selected and personally tested by us, at Sincerely Yours Boutique, that they live up to our high quality standards -  just for you.

Arriving soon!  Our very own Sincerely Yours Boutique scent!  So stay tuned!


​Choose from a selection of Dinner, Lunch, Cocktail (and humorous), and Guest towels napkins in an assortment of colours and designs - only the best for you and your guests.  


​Thornbury Souvenirs to remind you of your visit to our beautiful town, which is also home to an enclave of Canadian Artists, including  Tom Thomson (Group of Seven), and many other Local Artists.  

Exclusive to Sincerely Yours Boutique, we feature Thornbury hand-made Mugs, designed by Canadian Artists.  These mugs will serve as great mementos and gifts ideas. 

Exclusive to SYB, are our hand-painted Thornbury ornament balls by our well-known local artist Judy Shield.


Gift Wrapping as you wait.

Helium balloons of all colours for those special occasions!  

Come visit our little BIG shop on ...

23 Bruce St. South, 

Thornbury, Ontario. 

 ​... we can't wait to see you … AGAIN!